In the current and ever-growing internet culture, marketing your business through the use of online methods and platforms is the key to its success. The successes brought to businesses over the years from traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, radio ads, or television commercials — while still relevant — cannot compare to the successes brought on by marketing digitally. Below are several online marketing strategies you need to consider implementing to boost your company’s attraction and overall success.

Top 5 Strategies For Online Digital Marketing

1. Web Design and Mobile Optimization

Today, a business can hardly survive without having an online presence. According to Forbes, one in four Americans make one or more online purchases a week, 70% of Facebook users interact with the platform daily, and smartphone users pick up their phones around 1,500 times every day. Chances are, if your business does not have a website that Internet users will be guaranteed to find, you will not have a very large customer base — many potential customers may never know about you! First impressions really are important, and the last thing you want is for potential clients to think that your site is hard to navigate or unprofessional. It needs to be clean and organized so users can find the information they need quickly and easily. With eye-catching web design, your site’s visitors will be less likely to click away to view your competitors.

Most people use their smartphones and other mobile devices to find information about local businesses. Mobile devices currently account for over 50% of all e-commerce traffic. In addition to an appealing desktop website, you will need to have it optimized for mobile devices so it is easy to navigate, read, and use on smaller screens. It is as simple as choosing a mobile theme and layout option when editing your overall website. A website that can fit multiple formats and platforms will be able to gain twice as much traffic.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still widely-used, even if most people communicate via texting and other instant messaging services instead. Have you ever signed up for your favorite clothing store’s newsletter to receive information about sales and clearances? This is a popular form of email marketing. Your business can send out regular newsletters detailing changes, promotional offers, recently stocked items, etc. to those who sign up to receive them through email. Sending out emails is an effective and simple way to gain new customers as well as retain old ones.

3. Chatbots

If you are looking to improve your customer service, using online chatbots is a strategy you should not pass up. You and your employees may be busy completing other daily and necessary business tasks and will not be able to quickly respond to every customer’s message on your own. Chatbots help you and your customers by delivering quick and satisfactory responses to your site users and customers who have questions or are looking for something specific. For example, customers can send a message to the bot asking for the latest deals on sneakers and the bot will automatically reply with links to items in the store.

4. Social Media

Social media might well be the most important and effective online marketing strategy currently and will continue to be for years to come. There are myriad platforms that you can be present on, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Over time, your audience and reputation will grow, directly affecting engagement, attraction, promotion, and sales. Social media platforms like Instagram have algorithms that show users certain company ads based on what the user has liked, followed, or previously searched for in the past or most recently. Your visibility will be expanded across longer distances, making it possible for you to sell products to larger populations in other cities, states, and even countries.

You can also connect and communicate more closely with your customers through your multiple social media platforms. Customers can discover more about your business and products or services by looking at your photographs on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram; scrolling through your news feeds on Twitter, and contact you through your Facebook page. Some platforms also have a star rating system by which users can leave a public review for others to read. By creating one or multiple social media accounts, you will be able to quickly update current customers about new features and products while attracting future customers.

5. Blogging

Quality content is key and helps to capture the attention of potential customers, telling your business’s unique story and bringing your website to life in a personal way. Compelling content connects you with your site’s visitors and shows them how active and involved you are. Every blog post you publish will help you build stronger online relationships as well as increase your exposure and website traffic.

Each of these strategies is strong and will definitely promote more customer attraction and the growth of your business. And speaking of blogging, Digital Coast Marketing has a multitude of blog posts covering all subjects related to digital marketing and its importance. Be sure to check them out if you need more information!