If you observe content creators and influencers thrive in making content, you’ll see that it’s not that far from businesses marketing their brands on the internet. Users consume a huge volume of content daily, so it’s not surprising that content marketing will prevail in this era of digital information.

Businesses that have used content marketing experienced roughly 30% higher growth rates than those that have not. But what is it with content marketing that makes it stand out? 

Content marketing is an essential component of today’s digital world. Social media platforms, search engines, and connection and technology upgrades make people stick around. Algorithms, targeting certain demographics, and ad campaigns play important roles in delivering content to users, which help users find out more about your company and what it offers.

Even today, the internet and technology continue to evolve, which creates convenience and efficiency for people, making it possible for content marketing to stay around for a long time. Here you can further understand why content marketing has become critical for business in the digital era.

It Drives Traffic To Your Website

In the basics of SEO, people use search engines like Google to search for answers, content, or results instantly. Generally, the ones placed at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) will likely get most of the attention and traffic to their website.

Here you’ll get a more targeted audience because the keywords they’ve used to search will match what they’re looking for. This is where rankings on Google have become important because of the advantage it drives to one’s website. Algorithms are used to determine website rankings, which are also always updated. 

Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

The algorithm ranks pages according to the quality of the content. In fact, the three factors determining the web page quality are on Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.


Google will assess the content creator, writer, or business’s credibility in writing about the subject matter. Additionally, it will check if one has the right knowledge, skills, or experience.


Google will look into the website or the content creators’ reputation it has gained even to discuss such content. 


If Google deems your website as a reliable source and provides accurate information, then you’ll build trust and confidence both in Google and your audience. You’ll also likely get backlinks because your content is reliable.

Builds Connection To Your Customers

The regular content you publish on your blogs, newsletters, or the weekly updates of your website’s products or services will help you build relationships with your customers. They will likely know more about your brand, products, or services and help them provide information through your content. 

Creating quality content for your landing pages helps you increase your SEO rankings and a good content marketing strategy, which can help you connect more with customers. Connect with them further through email signups, offering pretty good deals and discounts, or giving away freebies through your website.

Lets You Share Your Expertise

Sharing your expertise may increase your SEO rankings. Still, one of the purposes of making content is to let the audience know that you have the right knowledge and experience to discuss the subject matter. They’ll trust you and your brand and what it delivers as you gain confidence in them. 

Additionally, sharing your expertise with the right targeted audience can convert the once traffic on your website to paying customers.

Brand Awareness

Content marketing is not just limited to the blogs on your website. There are social media platforms, streaming sites, or apps to reach a large volume of audience and consume your content.

Brand awareness or your brand’s visibility and exposure are important for people to know that your products, services, or even your company exist for these people to become your customers. 

Here are some ways to increase brand awareness:

  • Collaborate with influencers or with other brands
  • Participate in societal, environmental, or political issues, as people would want to know your societal concerns or share the same values. 89% of customers tend to be loyal to the brand if it shares their values
  • Build an online community within your brand for people to come together, feel they belong, and become more connected

For Repurposing Social Media Contents

Through email newsletters, ad campaigns, and social media posts, you can use your content on different media, such as:

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

From the different media you use, you can publish them on different platforms where your targeted audience is mostly at. But it’s also better to use the right channel for the media or the content you’ve used and created.

For Audience Retention

Content that the audience is engaged in will come back for more or look forward to the next update. You can make a series of episodes of podcasts, or videos, be it ad commercials, collaborations, or interviews. 


For that, you’ll be needing talents of creative writers, directors, and editors to make sure you’ll be consistently providing content that will make the audience stick around. The more the audience sticks around, the more you enhance their experience with your brand and create such an impression, which helps you to be more relevant to them.

Staying Relevant To Your Customers

Being up to date on what’s happening in the digital world can help you stay relevant to your customers. 

However, for you to stay relevant, you should create genuine content. People have seen a lot of content already, but you can put a twist on viral trends into your original content. They want something new. 


Many efforts are needed, but it gets the advantages and leverage in putting your brand on such a marketing strategy. You can also use analytics to see if your efforts are targeting the results you want for brand awareness or sales. So the best way to start content marketing is with a team that can specifically do the job. 

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