Social media is a vital tool in any business’s marketing arsenal. With Christmas fast approaching businesses that take part in social media campaigns can find themselves reaching huge audiences as people begin their Christmas shopping.

E-commerce during the holiday season has been going from strength to strength in recent years. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, experts are already predicting that this will increase massively in 2021 as customers shun brick and mortar stores in favor of going online to shop in the comfort of their own homes.

As people get into the festive spirit, social media can be a great way to reach your audience and show that you care about your customers. Read on to see innovative ideas from our team of experts here at Digital Coast Marketing.

Make Sure You Have A Presence

The first step is making sure that you have an excellent online presence. It’s essential in marketing to reach the broadest range of customers possible. Having branded accounts with all the major social media platforms is key to increasing your audience. The stronger your social media accounts, the more you will see the rewards in the form of brand recognition and driving sales.

Make sure that you have accounts with all platforms that your user base is most likely to engage with and which they use regularly. An example is if you cater mainly for the 18-24 age range ensure that you have a solid TikTok and Instagram account with good quality content.

Make Quality Festive Content

Having a presence on social media alone isn’t enough to ensure success. Consumers are hungry for good quality content. Make sure your content stands out among the pack with excellent content writing, images, and videos. You should make this content with your target audience in mind.

You might want to consider using professional Social Media Management. Using expert social media marketing services can truly make a difference in your outreach and success online.

Start A Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to market your business. You can stand out among the crowd by creating your own business hashtag, which you can use across many platforms, including social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hashtags can be a great way to promote brand awareness and to allow your customers to advertise your business for you across many different platforms, ensuring your products reach a much wider audience.

Having a Christmas specific hashtag can be a great way of engaging with audiences during the festive season while many are trying to find that perfect gift.

Use Polling

Polls can be a great way to promote user interaction and engagement. In the run-up to Christmas experiment with running a Christmas-themed poll, for example by asking your followers to decide between two Christmas songs or movies.

This can be a great way to get social media users to keep coming back to your accounts, thereby encouraging them to engage with other posts and increase the chances of them becoming customers.

You can also use polling as a great way to get customer feedback on your products. Try mixing in polls about what products your customers would like to see next or options on how to improve your existing products.

Consider Where You Sell

Whatever your product it can be worthwhile selling across many platforms, from Amazon and eBay to Facebook Marketplace. Having your e-commerce platform is vital as well. You want your web design to be user-friendly and attractive to customers.

Carefully consider your target audience to decide which marketplaces are most likely to reach customers. It is best to have your products across a wide range of platforms so that customers can find you no matter where they shop this Christmas.

Share Uplifting Content

This year has been one of the most challenging in recent memory. Many people are looking to Christmas as a way to help them cheer up and get into the festive spirit.

Posting content that is a feel-good will, in turn, make your customer base feel good about your brand and products. After the doom and gloom of much of 2020, we could all use some festive cheer this year!

Try and find some heartwarming stories from your local area to share or post about a local charity that is doing good work this Christmas. Offering to match donations made by your customers can be a great way to show them that you are a business that cares and is worthy of their custom.

Social Media Contests

Engage your customer base by holding contests on social media, with winning posts shared on your business social media pages. This can be a great way of generating user content which has the double advantage of having consumers engage with you online and provide advertising for your business.

This approach will also help make your business more approachable to your customer base and give consumers reassurance that you want to hear from them and their opinions.

Make sure that your content is relevant to your product. For example, you could have a photo competition on Instagram that requires users to place your product in a festive image. You can then share the best submissions in your Instagram Stories and on your feed. Having the audience decide the winning post with likes can get you additional shares from contestants keen to win.

Give Out Prizes

Similar to the idea of social media contests, offer your followers the chance to win a prize when they share your products and pages with their followers.

This is great for driving sales and brand awareness. Free samples have long been a staple in marketing for getting customers engaged with your products and encouraging sales. With Christmas approaching giving out prizes can help to convince your customers that your products will be the perfect gift for their loved ones.


Advertising on social media platforms can be a brilliant way to ensure that your products reach the broadest range of customers possible. You can tailor your adverts to your target demographic and ensure that the most relevant audience sees them.

Advertising on social media is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience and one that is even more important during the festive period where businesses are all competing to be ahead of the pack.

If you want to find out how Charleston, SC web marketing agency, Digital Coast Marketing can help your business to drive its social media strategy and online presence to success, then contact us today.