To effectively market your business, you’ll want to explore different avenues. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising can all help to increase traffic and boost sales of your products or services. Something else that’s absolutely worth relying on is video marketing.

This is an area of marketing that wasn’t deemed ultra-important a decade or so ago. Nowadays, though, businesses that don’t utilize this are putting themselves at a disadvantage.

If you don’t know where to start, we offer video marketing services to help you out. We understand the important role that video plays while also keeping informed on the latest trends helping businesses to flourish. These five, for instance, are likely to be hugely influential throughout 2021 and beyond.

User-Generated Content

Just because it’s your business that you want to promote, that doesn’t mean that you have to be responsible for producing all the content. Some of it you can leave in the hands of customers.

This might seem like a risky move, but it can actually be a more effective way of appealing to audiences and getting more business out of them. That’s because people are likelier to trust someone they consider relatable and not affiliated with the company they’re promoting in their content. These videos also tend to have a bit more character, something that’s always important to incorporate in marketing strategies.

Some industries may benefit more from user-generated content than others. Beauty companies, for instance, naturally get a lot of business through reviews posted on social media and video-sharing sites. No matter what you specialize in, though, these kinds of videos have the potential to help you out.

Short-Form Content

One look at social media reveals just how long people want their video content to be. They’re not interested in something that will go on for ten minutes, or even five minutes, when they’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. They like snappy clips that keep them briefly entertained before they move on.

To ensure your content maintains people’s interest through to the end, it needs to be fast-paced and short-form. This will improve its chances of performing well on social media and help you create a winning strategy for your platforms of choice.

Again, the industry you work in may impact just how popular your videos can be. Regardless of what you do, though, short-form content is the way to go. Plus, if you want to know how to work it into your social media campaigns effectively, you can always turn to our social media marketing services for assistance.

Virtual Events

2020 saw virtual events become a big deal. While they already existed before, the pandemic forced people to utilize them if they didn’t wish to cancel what they had planned.

Now, even though things are largely improving with the virus situation, there’s still a lot of interest in maintaining virtual events through this year and beyond. The greater accessibility it offers guests and the financial savings it gives hosting businesses means there are many benefits to keeping these happenings online.

Of course, that means there’s more of a reason you can produce effective video content to showcase during the events. This won’t necessarily need to be as punchy and to the point as what you post on social media. However, if you’re going to keep people engaged while they’re watching through their devices, you’ll still need to produce compelling content. Otherwise, you risk making a bad impression, which could hurt your networking chances at the event.

Shoppable Videos

Ecommerce is something else that increased dramatically during 2020. With many people stuck at home, they turned to the internet to fulfill their shopping needs. This was something they’d often done before the pandemic, but now, they had no other choice.

With so many people purchasing products this way, the experience must become more seamless for them. That’s why shoppable videos exist and are going to be of growing importance throughout the year. These allow viewers to buy a product they see advertised straight from a video rather than search for it themselves. It makes the experience more interactive – which is a feature that people love with video – and makes everything easier for them.

Already, this form of video content is performing incredibly well with certain metrics. Clickthrough rates and conversions are particularly impressive, exceeding those for display advertising. That’s a good sign of how growth will continue throughout the year and proves why it’s essential you consider this a part of your video marketing campaigns.

AR And VR Interactive Content

Augmented reality and virtual reality content may seem a little out there for your business. However, as this technology grows and becomes more commonplace in the home, you’re going to want to get involved with it.

Already, it’s made waves in the gaming industry, and now retail businesses are seeing what the fuss is all about. IKEA, for instance, has adopted virtual reality technology to showcase its showrooms to customers without them having to visit a physical location. This makes the shopping experience a little more relaxing for them, improving their chances of making a purchase.

How you can make the most of AR and VR content depends on your business. Don’t rule it out as necessary, though, because this year could see some considerable changes in this department.

Running a business and knowing how to market it effectively can be two very different things. Being good at the former doesn’t mean you’ll be an expert at the latter, but that’s why Digital Coast Marketing exists. If you need someone to help you utilize these trends and create engaging video content, we’re here for you. Go ahead and get in touch with your request, whether it be about video marketing, SEO, web design, or one of our other services. Once we know what you’re trying to achieve, we can make it a reality.