This past year has been a challenge for every business and individual in the world. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns that it led to, many of us have had to stay at home for months.

As a result, online shopping has risen dramatically throughout 2020. The pandemic meant that e-commerce was more popular than ever before, as millions of bored shoppers took to the internet to buy the items they desired and needed. 

Even as states start to halt their shelter in place orders and get residents out and about again, online shopping looks set to remain popular.

After all, it’s convenient and quick, making it perfect for busy consumers who don’t want to have to travel to find the items they need. 

With Black Friday and Christmas- two of the retail market’s most significant holidays- around the corner, having a reliable e-commerce website has never been more vital.

If your business does not have an e-commerce website, then we’re here to help. Digital Coast Marketing is a team of dedicated marketers and web design specialists, so we understand what goes into creating a quality online shopping website. 

Read on, and we’ll share our top tips for creating a shopping platform that you can use to make sure that your business remains competitive in 2020. 

Research Your Competitor’s Websites 

As with any part of changing your business, research is the cornerstone of good website development. Therefore, the first step in creating an e-commerce site for your company is to research your competitors and see how they’re selling.

Many significant companies combine their website with sales on other platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. As such, you should check out the options and see which ones are the most viable for your firm.

Choose A Website Builder 

Building an e-commerce website from scratch takes a lot of time and specialist skills. One way to save yourself effort is to use an existing website builder, such as Wix or Squarespace.

Read reviews from users to find out which builder offers the best service and will provide the solution that you need. You should also check the functions and plugins that each builder offers so that you can find the one that has everything you need.

Most website builders charge a fee for hosting your website, as well as charging for themes and other costs associating with building a website. As such, you should review the costs before you commit, so that you can get your dream e-commerce website within your budget. 

Consider Design And Usability

Web design is about more than color and font. There’s a lot to consider, including layout and customer psychology. Colors, wording, and placement of buttons all affect how consumers perceive your site and the amount of money that they spend on it. 

As such, you should research the psychology of buying items and website design before you start designing your site and choosing the perfect theme.

If you work with experts such as us, then we can talk you through all of the options and help you to create the perfect website. 

We understand how consumers think, and how websites work so that we can transform your ideas into reality. Our team will work closely with you so that you get the service and support that you expect throughout the process of building and launching your website. 

Find A Payment Service That Suits Your Business 

As well as a website, you also need to find one or more payment services to allow your customers to make payments for your products or services securely.

Many consumers use solutions such as PayPal, while commercial clients might have Xerox accounts or Stripe. As such, you should check what solutions your customers require before you start adding payment options to your e-commerce website.

It might be wise to ask for feedback through an online survey or a poll on social media. From this, you can learn what payment solutions your clients expect, and then consider adding them to your new website. 

Research Delivery Options 

For service businesses, delivery isn’t an issue. However, if your firm is providing products, then you will need to find a delivery service that can safely take your items from your company to your customers’ homes. 

Small, local companies could consider delivering their products themselves or using a local bike courier service, which would work particularly well for food deliveries.

For companies offering a national, or even international, service, you need a more robust delivery option. Many courier firms offer discounts on bulk distribution orders, so you should explore the options before you get your website up and running. 

You must have your delivery options in place before you launch your site so that customers always get the service that they expect. If you don’t have delivery options setup before your site opens and allows orders, then you could face delays that will annoy new customers and make them less likely to buy from your business again. 

Hire An Experienced Team Of Web Designers 

Building an e-commerce website yourself can take a lot of time and effort, and the results won’t look professional unless you take the time to learn all the skills involved in website development.

If you want to save yourself time, while still creating a quality website that entices customers and allows them to buy your products online, then work with a team of professional web developers.

Digital Coast Marketing has exceptional experience in the web development market, as well as in social media marketing, review management, paid advertising, and SEO services.

As such, when you work with us, you get the full package. We can tailor our services to your company, requirements, and budget so that you get what you need at a price that you love. 

To find out more and get a bespoke quote, contact us. Our SEO company experts can advise you on the best services to achieve your digital marketing goals, and then implement your strategy for you so that you can dedicate your time to your business.