Your marketing strategies need a healthy dose of character to thrive.

Character is what makes your marketing memorable. It turns bland initiatives into impactful campaigns, replacing drab subject matters with charming content that oozes charisma.

As the world of technology has progressed, people are demanding a sense of instant satisfaction more and more, and there is no room for half-hearted efforts here. The pandemic is not even an excuse in many cases, as it is possible to promote a business in the hardest of times after all.

Read on to discover precisely why character in your marketing strategies is so important.

Knowing Your Brand

Consumer spending is driven by a well-defined brand, a sure-footed entity that knows its strengths and weaknesses wholeheartedly.

Character inspires confidence and trust. Suppose a marketing strategy is broad, vague, and nigh on voiceless. In that case, it can spark a feeling of uneasy distrust, whereby a firm is claiming to do a thousand things better than anyone instead of three or four things incredibly well. Their conjecture gives them wiggle room and escape clauses when things go wrong, but they should have cause for neither.

Showing that you know what your firm does is a fundamental marketing rule. It is clarity, and that in turn breeds confidence for all parties. Overblown promises, mismatched tones, and reckless ambition will gain you no traction, and the symptoms of those core issues are always embedded within the marketing. The idea is to make all the contributions to the campaign feel like one trustworthy voice. Keep things simple, and you will be successful.

Joining the Discussion

When your marketing is finely tuned, your presence in your industry is much more prominent.

This approach is started by battening down demographics and matching up your business with likeminded customers and clientele. It might mean using search engine optimization (SEO) to help you tailor web content to a specific kind of person with specific interests. What are people researching? What types of content or products do they want, judging by keywords? What questions do they wantanswering?All of this information all helps you to line up a better shot in your own marketing practices.

But what does this say about character? Well, people like to be around businesses who know what they are talking about, creating engaging content that is centered around the right marketing principles. If everything you put out in your marketing is on-trend, from the content to who you work with, then you effectively contribute further depth to a broader conversation. It is like trying to fit in with the cool kids at school; only this time, you are making lots of money in the process.

Displaying Humanity

While some businesses stick to formal marketing demeanors, others can let loose and have a bit of fun with things, which can sometimes land a better impression with customers.

This fact is especially true in industries where fun is the name of the game. If your firm is in media, sports, or even in online marketing solutions, then a bit of charisma can go a long way. If you are catering to gamers, they do not want to be met with endless jargon and history lessons on when your company was founded. Instead, they may favor punchy catchphrases, short and sweet sales offers, and bold color schemes with intricate logo design.

Additionally, more companies are beginning to recognize that digital platforms like Facebook offer flexible advertising solutions. The social media platform is a cyberspace where people essentially lay themselves, or an idealistic impression of themselves, bare. To appeal on there, it is vital to advertise with a strong undercurrent of charisma. People scroll and swipe past adverts all day, but it is a marketing strategy’s charm that will underpin the difference in success and failure.

Nobody wants to do business with robotic, faceless workers who rely on an overly rehearsed script for every customer interaction or marketing solution. A bit of spontaneity and some informal language can just tell people that your business comprises real people who are working hard in real-time, rather than sitting on safe scripture over a prolonged period.

Using Fact-Driven Boasting

A marketing strategy that is full of air only needs one hole to be poked in it for the whole thing to shrivel up and die.

Replacing the filibuster with fact-driven boasting is a great way to go. This approach could involve listing prestigious awards that the firm has nominated for or won or publishing positive customer feedback in marketing materials. Reviews full of praise from any cliental can feature likewise, the crowning glory in a firm’s reputation.

It is not crass to boast in a professional context. Character does not always need to mean ‘funny’ or ‘savvy’; it can also just mean being successful. The image of success is stainless and pure, and if it is interwoven with the marketing side of things, your campaigns will have a healthier glow.

Respecting the Customer’s Time

These days, not many people have the patience to sit through adverts heavy on text and excessive runtime. The entry and exit points of a marketing campaign often need to stand shoulder to shoulder instead.

Many businesses strut their stuff through more accessible forms of media. Namely, this will include video content, whereby short clips of animations will play with a few small snippets of text phasing in and out of the footage. It is a great way to impact a short space of time, getting your message across while demonstrating that you respect the customer or client’s time.

There are many reasons as to why video marketing is more critical than ever right now, but chief among them is the flexibility of the medium. Platforms such as YouTube provide a hub where millions of users could stumble upon a firm’s marketing. It is also easier than ever to create engaging content through all the latest tools and technologies, engaging the masses. All in all, video marketing is a bold exclamation point in a firm’s marketing strategy.

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