During the global pandemic, the marketing practices and advertising strategies of businesses are being scrutinized more thoroughly than usual.

Consumers are seeking reassurance that their favorite companies are supporting their workers, customers, and local communities.

As an experienced digital marketing company that has worked with a wide range of businesses, Digital Coast Marketing understands how you need to change your promotional activities during this situation.

If you’re unsure of how you can adapt around the current crisis and bring your business out the other side with a strong chance of future success, then read on to find tips from our marketers.

Keep Advertising

As the crisis rages on, it can be easy to think that the best thing for your company to do is to go quiet and avoid ‘the hard sell’.

While this might seem like the best and most cost-effective approach, giving the world the silent treatment will lead your customers to assume the worst, this may mean that they look elsewhere.  Instead of stopping all of your advertising activities, you need to change your approach to advertising. Use your space to promote positive messages that reassure and reinvigorate customers. Focus on providing customers with solutions to problems, rather than products or services. Work out how your offering can assist them during this challenging time and share this information with consumers.

For example, any products or consumer goods could cheer up and reinvigorate customers, while cleaning items can help them to stay safe. Even the hospitality market can keep itself relevant by reminding customers that once this all over, they’re going to deserve a holiday. Keep your brand’s name at the forefront of everyone’s minds, so that when this is over customers come to you for everything they need, and use any services you’re able to provide during the pandemic.

Populate Your Social Media Accounts

The current crisis is leaving many customers feeling confused and uncertain. Use your firm’s social media accounts to offer a reassuring presence and make sure that your clients know that you’re still available to help them.

Much like advertising, you must change your approach to social media in light of the pandemic. Offer customers updates on your business, how it is adapting to the current situation, and how it is giving back to the local community.

You should also try to provide your followers with positive, non-commercial posts that make them feel happy and distract them from the chaos going on around them. This approach will show that your company has dedicated its pandemic response to more than just selling itself; it cares about its customers and wants to help them.

Embrace Video Marketing

Video is an increasingly vital part of the marketing industry, so now has never been a better time to add it to your marketing strategy. With so many consumers stuck indoors, either working from home or waiting for their places of work to reopen again after the lockdown, they will be looking for things to occupy themselves with during the lockdown. These activities will include spending more time scrolling through social media and using sites such as YouTube to find engaging video content.

As such, you could reach a wide range of consumers and potential customers with a quality video marketing strategy. Much like your paid advertising and social media marketing strategies, you need to shift your videos away from direct sales and towards offering entertainment or informational value.

By incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to increase your brand authority and reach an even more extensive range of consumers. Video content is quick and easy for viewers to digest, making it a great way to interact with consumers.

Focus On Getting To The Top Of Search Engine Results

Being the first result of a relevant search engine query is important at the best of times, but during a crisis, it’s crucial. If your business is the first one that consumers see when they search for a related product or service, then they will remember your name and be more inclined to trust your brand.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of hard work and technical skill, but it pays off when your business is the trusted source for information on your chosen topic. For eCommerce businesses, being at the top of search engine results is particularly critical, as customers will often not search far through the results to find the items they want to purchase.

Collaborate With An Experienced Marketing Agency

Changing your entire promotional strategy during this crisis can take a lot of time and effort. If your organization does not have the experience and time to do this itself, then consider working with a professional marketing agency.

An experienced agency can help you to complete all of these steps and more. They can research your market and find out exactly what it wants, then position your brand so that you’re there ready to deliver it.

So, if you want to drive your business forward and overcome the challenges that the Coronavirus brings, then get in touch with the leading digital marketing agency in South Carolina today!