This year has been one of the hardest in living memory, and we’re only halfway through! For businesses throughout the corporate landscape, issues such as the Coronavirus, President Trump’s erratic behavior, the upcoming election, and more have caused problems that they’ve had to overcome.

The digital marketing sector has seen its fair share of developments throughout 2020, and business leaders need to be aware of them so that they can adjust their strategy to achieve the growth that they need to keep their company going.

If you’re not a digital marketing expert, then learning about the developments that the industry has gone through since the beginning of the year can take a lot of time that you could spend supporting your clients.

To save you time researching all of the digital marketing developments that we’ve seen over recent months, Digital Coast Marketing has put together a quick guide to the market today and how you need to adapt.

Brand Reputation Is More Important Than Ever Before

The Coronavirus outbreak, the Black Lives Matter movement, and other developments have all made consumers wary of working with brands whose ethics and morals don’t align with their own.

As such, your business needs to make sure that it regularly updates its customers on what it is doing to support good causes and benefit the local community during these difficult times.

Having a strong social media presence is essential for any brand that wants to manage its online reputation and ensure that it responds to any PR issues promptly and decisively.

Review management is also crucial for any business that wants to ensure that it manages the narrative around any serious societal developments. That’s because malignant internet users who don’t believe that brands are acting accountably and morally tend to use these platforms to voice their displeasure.

Online Shopping Growth Means SEO Is A Priority For E-Commerce Sites

The Shelter In Place orders that all states implemented throughout the US earlier this year, and which are only just lifting, have led to a spike in online shopping.

Even as physical retail stores start to reopen, many consumers continue to use online shopping more than they did previously, as they’ve seen how convenient it is to purchase the items they need with just a few clicks.

This development means that e-commerce sites that sell products online need to be at the top of relevant search engine results if they want to succeed.

Focus on creating an SEO strategy that will help your business to reach the top of searches and get your product pages noticed by consumers.

If your website isn’t on the first page of search results, preferably above the fold, then many consumers won’t notice it, and you’ll lose sales to your competitors.

As well as organic SEO strategies, your business should also consider engaging in paid advertising to raise its rankings and increase its chances of success.

Managing all of these elements of your digital marketing strategy might seem like a lot of work that you don’t have time for, which is why Digital Coast Marketing is here to support you.

Our seasoned SEOs can guide you through everything from finding the keywords that you need to rank for through to creating top-quality, relevant content that gets you to your target position.

Video Marketing Is Now Essential

The rise of video marketing began long before 2020. However, thanks to the pandemic and the increased focus on short, entertaining videos, it is now crucial that businesses include this tactic in their digital marketing strategy.

Creating high-quality video marketing materials that consumers want to watch can seem like a challenge, but it’s surprisingly simple if you work with a dedicated video marketing specialist like us.

Our team can collaborate with you to turn your video marketing ideas into incredible content that will engage and entice consumers.

Whether you want to create cute animations or bold promotional videos, we can help with everything from script to production, initial concept to distribution, and everything in between.

Work With An Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

Staying up to date with all of these developments, and the future changes that the digital marketing industry faces can seem like a daunting task.

It’s particularly tough if you’re running a business and desperately trying to achieve the success you need during this challenging global situation.

Save yourself time, effort, and hassle by collaborating with an experienced digital marketing agency. Digital Coast Marketing can help you to adapt to the latest marketing trends and developments so that you can concentrate on steering your business through the troubled waters and into long-term prosperity.

For more information on our web design, SEO and digital marketing services and how they could benefit your business, check out our other blog posts, or contact us to speak to a member of our experienced digital marketing team.