The brand’s community is part of the user experience and also a part of how the brand expresses itself to the public. In fact, the user experience can create conversion rates up to 400%.

You may be posting on your brand’s Facebook Page, sending out tweets, or having discussion forums on Reddit or Discord. But your website’s online forum can also be a way to increase traffic, which will convert them into prospects and further customers.

Organic engagements and your site gaining popularity are factors that search engines consider to boost your SEO rankings. This gives you more reason to build or maintain a community for your prospects and customers.

With the help of digital marketing agencies, brands can engage their target audience using different tactics. This blog post will share ideas on what you can do for your community and how to get your community to engage and patronize your brand.

Give The Spotlight To Community Members

When your community members are recognized, they’ll feel appreciated for what they do. They’ll thrive more in contributing, creating, and interacting with the community because they feel they belong and are connected to others.

You can do this strategy on a weekly or monthly basis. Reach out to the chosen members to discuss with them the content to be featured, to which they’ll approve or with their consent. You can feature members according to categories such as:

  • Members’ Field of Expertise
  • Top Topic Contributors
  • Top Sharer 
  • Top Fans

Putting spotlights on these members puts a face that represents a part of the community. This can provide them a platform to showcase their talents, stories, goals, accomplishments, and advocacies.

Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are such fun and a good rewarding system for the users who patronize your brand. This serves as a brand promotion and a way of giving back to your community. Contests let the members be active, and you can use different kinds of online contests such as:

  • Trivia, puzzles, or riddles
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Brand promotion contests
  • Doing trending challenges

Fun quizzes like personality quizzes (e.g., “Which Product Are You?”) relating to your products or services can make users share the results to their feeds. The freebies or giveaways are also something the members can look forward to and increase community engagement. You can plot the mechanics they’ll follow, such as:

  • Following you on your other social media platforms or subscribing to email newsletters
  • Tagging or referring to their friends
  • Using hashtags in the comments or posts
  • Mentioning your brand in their posts

For prizes and giveaway items, it can be your products or services, discount vouchers, gift certificates, or in the form of cash.

Coffee Talk Time

Coffee talks are a more casual and relaxed way for members of your community to get to know each other personally. Your members can discuss topics regarding their personal lives or the other side of them outside the community. This lets them create more bonds and friendships through the community.

Seed Content

Seed contents are there for brands to encourage more members to generate content using questions. Then you’ll post their responses to drive other members to engage in the discussions. 

Having targeted members who’ll most likely respond to your direct messages or emails will help you gather enough responses and create content out of it. The contents and other member comments and interactions on the posts can also be repurposed from time to time.

As a result, seed content creates member-to-member engagement in your community, drives more organic content, and provides authenticity in starting and driving the discussions.

Physical Meet-Ups

The bonds of your members can go beyond what’s online. Physical meet-ups like hosting an event, exhibition, or talk can make your community see first-hand the products or services you offer. After such meet-ups, a simple dinner get-together would be a great way to end the day. 

These community meet-ups can be another strategy for members to share on their social media platforms. They also get to feel like being a part of it and not feel like they’re missing out on something eventful on something they care about.

Collaborate With Community Members

You have a lot of members across different fields, but you might not know they have potential in them waiting to be discovered. Opportunities can come their way, and your community can be an instrument for such talents. 

With that, you can try hosting a contest such as a logo rebranding, which can make the members feel more involved and achieve something together. Plus, they already have the resources and can bring fresh ideas, making content creation easier since they know so much about your brand.

For example, a web design company can hold a website creation contest for all the community members. The participants will get the chance to get a panel review with the company’s executives and pitch in their design. 

Your marketing team will get to feature the panel review coverage, behind-the-scenes, and other exclusives for the community to watch and interact with.

The said event will bring a high volume of members engaging and participating in the contest. In addition, SEO firms can help you manage the traffic and drive more engagements, leading to improved search engine rankings.

Ask Me Anything Sessions

Ask Me Anything or AMA sessions can bring a lot of topic discussions where most members would care to listen and can help you gain insights through their questions.

Such AMA sessions are suitable if you have a product launch, new features coming soon, or products or service updates. This will help the community with their clarifications and getting to know more about the brand offers.

On product launches, it’s good to hold AMA sessions during development or if it’s about to be released in the third or fourth quarter of the year. It’s a great way to build up the community’s hype as it gets closer to its release date.


Meet your users where they’re at, and that’s on social media platforms. But you can also use the platforms or your very own website to reach out and build a community for them. 

Digital Coast Marketing, a leading digital marketing company, can help make your community reach out to your brand’s users and prospects. Contact them for your concerns and inquiries so they can offer you their expertise in search optimization, social media marketing, web design, and more.