Getting a small business up and running is no mean feat, and we have no doubt that you will have spent the last several months, if not years, juggling a wide range of different responsibilities and commitments to make sure the launch goes off without a hitch. However, there’s one job that many business owners tend to leave until the last minute: getting their website up and making sure that their web presence is working for them.

For some business owners, getting their online business set up is an exciting prospect. But for others, getting to grips with SEO and a social media strategy can be an afterthought at best and something that they’re apprehensive about at worst.

If you want to make sure that your small business hits the digital ground running with a strong web presence, here are the key areas that you will need to consider.

Think Carefully About Your Website Design

It’s always easy to tell which companies have left their web design to the last minute. You know the ones, you click the link, and all you’re looking at are some blocks of color, some introductory text and maybe a stock image of a sunrise. Something so basic and careless represents all the hard work and expertise poured into putting a business together.

The fact of the matter is that the online marketplace is only getting more and more competitive. So, if your website looks like it was hurriedly thrown together using a free template, the chances are that the customers you’re chasing may not stick around to find out what you have to offer them.

So, what are the most important things to think about when you’re designing your company’s website? Well, the conversation you need to have isn’t that dissimilar from many other business meetings: what is the image of your business that you want to present, who are the customers or clients that you want to attract, what are their needs, and how can you meet them? A good website should feel welcoming. It should convey your business’s personality, and it should also be crystal clear to anyone visiting where they need to go to find the information they’re looking for on the page. At DigitalCoast Marketing, we will always take the time to sit down with you to make sure that we understand the answers to all of the questions above to create a perfectly laid-out site for your ideal customers and represent your brand.

Remember That SEO Is King

Whether you’ve been doing regular SEO audits on your website for the last several years or you’re just now hearing the phrase for the first time, it bears repeating that SEO is one of the most critical factors in making sure that your business flourishes online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big business working across a range of different sectors and locations or a local speciality store selling baked goods on the weekends; if you want people to find your business online, you need to make sure that you have a good SEO strategy.

To make sure that you’re making the most of the opportunities available, why not make the most of our SEO specialists? We will start by doing a top-to-bottom SEO audit of all the content that’s already on your site to gauge the infrastructure’s health and both the on-page and off-page elements to create a blueprint for the strategy going forward. We will look for ways to improve your site’s performance, taking speed and coding into account and the content we already mentioned, all of which will give it a boost in the search rankings. We’ll also take you through the opportunities for link-building. That phrase refers to links on other websites that direct to your page, which can significantly increase your page’s authority and reputation as well as boosting traffic.

Content Is Crucial

Of course, SEO is about more than making sure that your website’s information has all the necessary keywords and information. One of the best ways to establish your business as an authoritative and friendly voice while maximizing your SEO potential is by publishing regular content. After all, you are offering a service to your customers and clients, and content can show that you know your business and that you are aware of their pressing issues and concerns.

Our SEO team will provide you with relevant content that is more than just advertorial, which will help you build trust with your customers. It will also be loaded with all those keywords and key phrases that the search engines love to make sure that you’re getting a boost in the search rankings with each published piece.

Finally, one of the most important things to remember with SEO is that this is an ongoing process. It doesn’t stop when your site goes live; you need to make sure that you keep going back to adjust for changes in keyword popularity and outdated topics. Keeping an eye on your website’s performance is the best way to uncover what is working on your site and what needs to be addressed or changed completely. Our SEO company will sit down with you to talk you through the results in detail to make sure that you keep moving forward and keep moving up in those search rankings.

Paid Advertising Isn’t As Simple As A Banner Ad

Paid advertising online isn’t as simple as taking out some ad space. First of all, the most common online advertising method is pay per click, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds. You pay a certain amount for each time that someone clicks on your advert. What that means is, if you’re targeting the wrong area or if your advertisement is in any way misleading, people could be clicking through who are not interested in what you have to offer, and you could end up losing a big chunk of money.

So, preparation is vital for putting together a good paid advertising campaign for your business. You will need to have a clear idea of how much budget you can set aside for this process and if paid advertising is indeed right for you. Here at DigitalCoast, our paid online advertising specialists will be able to talk you through the numbers, including potential gains and potential losses, and perhaps more importantly, we’ll be able to tell you where those ideal customers are. The ones who genuinely want to know more about your business and who will turn that advertising spend into profit for you.

Your Social Media Channels Cannot Be An Afterthought

While many business owners may be adept with social media to the extent that they can build their brand, creating a social media strategy for a business is a whole different ballgame. At DigitalCoast, we can create a social media campaign to help you identify which channels will be most profitable for your business through a social media audit, so you don’t waste time in places where no one is interested in what you have to offer. Once we’ve identified your audience, we’ll create a detailed plan and strategy targeting specific channels and work on a calendar for your business to generate ideas and discussion topics that will drive engagement and get more eyes on your channel.

DigitalCoast Marketing knows that there isn’t a “one size fits all” strategy for businesses to succeed online. Our skilled, experienced team can help you build your online presence from the ground up or fine-tune a site and social media strategy that isn’t performing as well as you’d like. Our approach is both targeted and responsive to ensure that your website, advertising, content, and social media are helping your business develop and move forward, finding those potential clients and customers and keeping you one step ahead of the competition. For more information, please browse our site or get in touch to find out what we can do for you.