Facebook is a popular social media platform that offers a wide variety of features, both for users and businesses that want to advertise on it.

Recently, the platform has received bad press, and some advertisers have chosen to boycott the platform because of its inadequate response to hate posts and misinformation. During a pandemic such as this, brand reputation is crucial, as consumers are becoming more discerning and committed to working exclusively with brands and businesses whose values mirror their own.

As a result, many marketers and companies might be reevaluating the advertising solutions they use and reconsidering spending money on Facebook adverts.

At Digital Coast Marketing, we understand that businesses have to choose where to spend their digital marketing budget wisely, particularly in these trying times. Any business owner needs to make sure that they are spending their money correctly to maximize their return on investment.

So, if you’re unsure about whether or not Facebook remains a viable advertising option in 2020, then carry on reading to find out more.

Boycotts And Scandals Are Often Temporary

The latest Facebook adverts boycott hit the company hard in the short-term, but figures show that it hasn’t made a significant difference to the platform’s revenue in the long run. Like many of the other scandals that the platform has faced in the past, this boycott had a time limit. Consumers and Facebook users quickly forget and carry on using the platform, meaning that your brand might not face as much backlash as you expect if you continue to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Is Still The Largest Social Media Platform On The Market

While scandals are damaging its brand reputation and new social media platforms try to snatch a larger share of the market, Facebook remains the largest social media platform out there today. There are many billions of active users on the platform, making it the most significant social media solution on the market currently. As such, if you choose to use Facebook to advertise, you’ll have access to a wide variety of users.

The Social Media Market Is Incredibly Competitive

Many businesses choose to advertise on multiple social media platforms because there are so many different solutions on the market currently. While Facebook is still the most significant platform, it has many competitors, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages for businesses and advertisers. Facebook remains a contender in the market, but your business should also explore the other solutions available to find the ones that will generate profitable leads. New trends mean that new social media platforms are arriving and prospering all the time, so advertisers need to be aware that while Facebook is a leader right now, that might not always be the case.

Facebook Adapts Quickly Around The Latest Developments

As mentioned above, the social media industry is highly competitive. Despite this, one of the benefits of Facebook is that the platform continually adapts and adds new features to ensure that it remains a viable contender. For example, Facebook recently launched a short-form video service to rival the increasingly popular platform TikTok. By adapting to the latest developments quickly and effectively, Facebook ensures that users continue to sign up and use its platform, meaning that advertisers still have access to the audiences they expect.

The Platform Offers A Flexible Advertising Solution

Facebook offers one of the most flexible and innovative advertising offerings on the market today, meaning that many businesses can benefit from it. You can create a custom audience for your Facebook adverts, using data from your website to target new leads or retarget adverts at existing clients. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the one that suits your organization. As Facebook adverts are Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. If a user sees your advert but ignores it, then you don’t pay. Therefore, Facebook adverts are a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

Data And Privacy Concerns Might Drive Some Users Away From Facebook

One of the most significant issues that users have with Facebook is that it has misused customer data in the past. The Cambridge Analytica scandal dented the platform’s reputation, and some of the investigations into what happened are ongoing. As such, some businesses might find that privacy-conscious customers and potential clients avoid Facebook. As such, you should consider a range of techniques when advertising your business online. As well as using social media platforms like Facebook, explore other advertising solutions and techniques such as video marketing and search engine optimization to get your firm noticed online.

Conclusion- Facebook Adverts Are Still Worth Considering

For many businesses, Facebook remains a viable advertising platform despite the issues that it has experienced. Its PPC solution offers a cost-effective way to reach your target audience quickly and easily.

The platform also has a wide range of users and advertisers, and as such, you’ll be a part of a discerning group when you advertise on Facebook. As the platform attracts users from all walks of life, you can advertise to a broader audience than you could on more niche social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, the professional social media solution.

Professionals and consumers of all ages enjoy using Facebook, so you can reach any audience, and use the platform’s flexible advertising solution to target users who could become profitable clients in the future.

While Facebook should remain a vital part of any business’s online advertising strategy, you should also keep your mind open to new solutions.

The market is continually evolving, so you must stay up to date with the latest developments in the social media and digital marketing sectors. To ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the market, follow our blog to get the latest updates.

If you’re unsure about whether Facebook advertising is for you, or just want more information about social media marketing and paid adverts, then contact us at our digital ad agency. The Digital Coast Marketing team enjoy helping a variety of companies to improve their online presence and achieve their digital marketing goals.