Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happens to be an indispensable element in the digital marketing strategy of your business. A company that does not pay attention to SEO simply would not attract enough traffic to their website. Almost every element on a website can be a part of the brand’s SEO strategy, including multimedia files, such as videos. Uploading videos alongside blogs or other content can significantly increase the website’s chances of landing among the top search results. Reputed video marketing companies like Digital Coast Marketing can create high-end videos for your company.

How Do Videos Impact Your SEO Rankings?

There are several reasons why adding videos to a webpage can improve its SEO rankings. Videos can help your website with search engine optimization in the following ways:

  1. Search engine’s preferences: Multiple tests have proven that Google shows higher preferences to webpages that have videos on them while delivering the search results. Thus, uploading videos can directly improve SEO rankings.
  2. Lower bounce rate: Search engines prefer websites with a lower bounce rate. However, videos help to reduce bounce rates by compelling the visitors to click on other links. This appears as a good sign to the search engine algorithm.
  3. More time spent on the website: Individuals visiting your website would usually spend more time on it if they have to watch video content. This shows the search engines that your website contains information that is valuable to the users.
  4. Better conversion rate: Drawing visitors to your website through a sound SEO strategy would not be that helpful if they do not convert into customers. Appropriately crafted videos can improve your sales by convincing the visitors to make a purchase.

Thus, videos have a significant impact on search engine rankings. You could use this to your advantage by optimizing the video content on your west.

How Can I Improve My SEO Video Ranking?

Now that you know that using videos is a great way to improve the SEO rankings of your website, you might be wondering how to go about it. After all, your website would still face competition from other rival websites that offer video content. Here are seven essential tips that can help your website gain an edge:

  1. Pay Attention to Keyword Research

Just as in the case of text content, keywords are of great importance for video SEO too. YouTube is a great place to check out the most trending keywords and get an idea of what people are primarily looking for. Carry out the necessary keyword research beforehand and choose the right keywords to maximize SEO rankings.

  1. Create Proper Video Descriptions

It is highly advisable to post video descriptions of at least 250 words while uploading the videos on the website. The leading search engines go through these descriptions to index the website’s content and decide whether it is helpful. Besides standing out to the search engine algorithms, good video descriptions also help visitors find what they are looking for.

  1. Choose the Right Thumbnail

If you upload the video on YouTube, you will choose from three thumbnail options that YouTube would offer. While you can also upload a custom thumbnail, this option is available only to verified YouTube accounts with a good record. Make sure that the text you add on the thumbnail is easily readable.

  1. Optimize the Title of the Video

Treat your video title the way you treat your blog headlines. It is the first thing your audience notices, so make sure that the title grabs their attention. Also, try to include the best-performing keywords in the title to improve the SEO rankings. The best place to insert a keyword in a video title is the very beginning.

  1. Focus on Educational Content

Search engines like Google highly prioritize “how-to” videos or other educational videos. After all, the people reaching your website by running a search on Google would likely be looking for helpful information. Thus, posting informational videos on your website would increase its chances of ranking high in the search results.

  1. Focus on Video Quality

The audio quality and picture quality are extremely important aspects. The search engine algorithms check if the videos are clear and audible, with adequate lighting. Hence, you would want to invest in creating quality video content for your website. Hiring a professional video marketing company would be worth your money, too, as it can significantly improve your website’s SEO.

  1. Ensure That the Videos are Sharable

The more backlinks your video has, especially of high quality, the more likely it would be for the search engines to rank it high. Hence, focus on generating content that people tend to share. The best way to go about this is to create emotional, humorous, or educational videos. Videos that get viral also gain a huge number of viewers besides the search engine users.

These tips should help you develop a successful video SEO strategy. It is worth putting some time, effort, and money into developing the right content and making necessary optimizations. Once properly optimized, videos tend to reach a massive section of your target audience, carrying the message you want them to.

How To Find The Best Video Marketing Company?

As mentioned previously, you would want to invest in high-quality videos for the best results. The best way to go about this is to rope in a professional video marketing company. Here are a few things to look out for a while choosing the right company for your video marketing campaign:

  • Portfolio: The portfolio of a company is excellent for getting an idea of what to expect. Check out the video production projects that they have completed and see if you like them.
  • Expert consultation: While discussing your requirements with the company, you should consult with their video marketing experts.
  • Range of services: Look for a company that offers other digital marketing services too. This way, you can let the same company take care of multiple tasks.

The right company can bring about an impressive change in your digital marketing campaign. At Digital Coast Marketing, we offer excellent video production and marketing services. You may check out our portfolio on our website or call us at 843-619-7704.