The world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other community-based platforms is engaging and borderline addictive.

Brandwatch, a leading social media monitoring company suggests that there are over 3.499 billion active social media users. Owing to the easy accessibility of the Internet, this gigantic number is supposed to amp up more in the coming years.

Now, if you are a business trying to attract more traffic and influence the purchasing decision of your buyers, it’s a great idea to go social and bring your brand in the limelight. You can capitalize on the opportunity and mark your active presence on social channels to grow your consumer base and enjoy the best ROI.

If you are planning to opt for social media marketing, you should know about the latest trends that are making waves in the industry. These trends are proven to spark the interest of your target segment and make them a fan of your products or services. Here are worth-following SMM trends of 2019 –

1. Engage your Crowd with Quality Content

There is no substitute for quality content. In fact, Facebook announced an updated algorithm in the year 2018, which provoked brands to generate engaging content. The algorithm was introduced so as to favor high-value and relevant contents on the website.

A number of social media marketers fall short due to dull content quality and presentation. If you are planning to ace your social media game this year, the first thing you have to focus is to capture the attention of your audience with quality content. Be it your website blogs or case studies, make sure to craft and promote content that is –




Social media is different than organic platforms, including Google and Bing. Here you need to ensure that your contents are crisp, punchy, and relevant to the customers. The better content you have to offer, the higher the engagement and conversions you can expect.

2. The Rise of Influencers and Micro-influencers

From the past few years, we can see a hike in social media influencers, and this is going to continue in 2019. Surprisingly, social media influencing should become an element of your social media marketing cocktail.

Many of the market-leading brands look for popular bloggers and influencers to sponsor their products on social media platforms. These companies spend a large sum of money on influencers for sponsorship.

As the influencer market is growing, such big influencers are turning more expensive for moderate or small companies. That’s exactly when you can think of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers can efficiently bridge the gap between active social media influencing and the right budget for small companies. You don’t have to be a celebrity to endorse a product on your social media account, but followers up to 40k can give you quick access into micro influencing.

So, look for newer ways to sponsor products on your social media accounts by stepping into the world of influencing.

3. Focus on STORIES

The trend of stories started right from Snapchat.

Today, most of the popular social media platforms feature a visual content format that lasts up to 24 hours. A lot of times, these stories can gain you a considerable audience as compared to a lengthy post.

A study has shown that around 400 million people around the globe consume stories regularly on Instagram. The focus has slightly shifted to generating raw content for Instagram stories and attracting the audience by providing a teaser of their product. You don’t need special arrangements to create a story. It is easy, fun, authentic, and definitely to watch for in 2019.

4. The End of Fake Followers

Instagram is one of the most loved social media applications.

Just a few months back, Instagram announced to filter fake likes, comments, and followers generated by third-party applications. Thus, creating a genuine environment for people. Since the big change has come, generating followers will not be easy in 2019. From this year, you should start focusing on building a large community rather than just aiming at followers.

5. Personal Messages will Flow

The direct messaging feature on most of the social media accounts is one to look for in 2019. People are going beyond public posts to private messaging. Messaging generates a trustworthy relationship between the brand and the consumer. WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram holds a large percentage of the messaging market, and they have already introduced automated bots for customer services and e-commerce platforms.

Another reason why people are trusting more on personal messages is the infamous Facebook data breaching incident. It has made users uncomfortable, and they believe in conversing directly with the person in charge to avoid further nuisances.

6. Video, Podcasts, and Live Streaming

Content marketing is going to jump from reading experience to videos in 2019. From the rise of YouTube to the addition of IGTV in the league, it will be a year of highlighting video content on social media platforms.

Video marketing is gaining much attention for brands as well as users. You can expect a hike on video content in 2019. Short videos, long videos, live streaming, as well as podcasts will generate a larger audience base than written text.

7. The Entry of Augmented Reality

Social media and augmented reality have been a popular combination of the past few years. We can expect much more from this technology in 2019.

We have already seen examples of brands making use of augmented reality to generate customer experience. It makes brand engagement fun, unique, and actionable. For example, you can try out a pair of glasses prior to the purchase. The crux is to maintain an audience on the platform by introducing new technologies on social media platforms.

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